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MultiCloud and Hybrid


As organizations mature their cloud strategy and move to native to the cloud are covering different stages in which they begin to experiment and manage disconnected and tactically emerging workloads, moving to a model with a more strategic vision where the entire organization starts to work by sharing processes under a common governance. This is the point where organizations, which are investing heavily in this model, start to define multi-cloud strategies, either by combining their private cloud with the flexibility of public clouds with hybrid models, or by diversifying their workloads on multiple clouds.  

There are several reasons why multi-cloud management is promoted, from increasing availability and reducing risk, leveraging price models, to making the most of each provider’s services that best suit the customer. This approach increases complexity by having to orchestrate distinct clouds, ensuring security, integrity, and good governance at all times. We help our customers design and deploy multi-cloud architectures by combining cloud providers’ own solutions with third-party solutions.