The voice of our experts and market leaders on how to promote the use of technology for the common good: Tech for Good.

BABEL is a multinational technology consultancy specialising in applying its services and technological know-how to the digital acceleration processes of its clients, large companies and public bodies, with 2,700 highly qualified professionals in 14 countries.


Richard Benjamins

Chief AI & Data Strategist at Telefónica

“It’s important to have the data, but most importantly, when you have them, using them for improvement”.


In the next ten years it is expected that technological progress will be greater than what we have experienced in the last hundred years

Tony Olivo


This year 2022 is proving to be a time of huge changes for everyone, in social terms and economically, culturally and, in general, in all aspects we observe. Babel cannot remain unaffected by these changes and so we must adapt in all areas of action in order to continue to bring the greatest possible value to all our interlocutors.

In the professional field, and with a major impact on the social sphere, one of the major changes has probably been the implementation of remote working in a large part of the professional sectors where the activity does not require a physical presence, no longer as a possibility but as a reality to which all of us (businesses and professionals)...



Francisco Gonzalo

Sacyr CIO

"...two aspects of strategic importance: appropriately managing sustainability in the area of people, communities and the environment; and attracting talent, managing diversity and adapting to new realities".



Public administration, reality and future

“The pandemic has been an example of an opportunity crisis”. “We will no longer go back on electronic relations between citizens and the administrations”


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Technology that empowers people

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Digital solutions for a fitter and healthier society

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