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Meet Babel

We are Babel, an international team of over 2,000 professionals highly specialised in cutting-edge technologies, whose mission is to assist major clients in their digital business challenges and processes. We connect in-depth industry knowledge with our technological capabilities, combined with flexible decision-making. We strive to be a leading tech firm across our regions.

Cifras destacadas

+ 110.000.000 €

annual turnover

+ 2000 professionals

7 countries

Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Mexico, Peru, Chile and USA

+ 20% growth

What do we want to build?

BABEL aspires to be one of the leading technology companies in the geographies where it operates. Its business consists of providing technological services for big companies and public organizations.

Its competitive advantage lies in the team and in the corporative culture, on where it builds, above personal leaderships, a long-term future project.

En las acciones orientadas a la consecución de objetivos, BABEL actúa siempre, individual y colectivamente, con honestidad, respetando las normas mercantiles, fiscales, laborales y medioambientales.

In actions focus on achieving objectives, BABEL always acts, individually and collectively, with honesty, respecting mercantile, fiscal, labor and environmental regulations.

What are we looking for?

The main business goal is to satisfy customers through a service characterized by quality, trust and commitmentIt is an essential part of BABEL's mission to offer workers a long-term professional career, in which individual merits are valued. The ultimate goal is to generate benefits for owners and workers, within a model of collaboration and solidarity that aligns the interests of all.

How do we act?

Each BABEl member acts with the maximum responsibility in decision-making, in fulfilling their commitments and in managing the company's expenses. This allows to apply a distributed management that moves decisions downwards and requires little supervision, resulting in a light and flat hierarchical structure.

Profitability is based on a constant and innovative improvement of procedures to achieve maximum efficiency, as well as strict compliance with them, to beat other companies in quality and rigor. The management is supported by a fluid and transparent communication that makes all the information available to the members of the company, not only the strictly necessary, and which also promotes the contribution of ideas by everyone.