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  • RPA

Hyper-automation is about scaling up the automation of business processes (production chains, workflows, marketing processes, etc.) by applying artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and robotic process automation (RPA). 

To go down this path there are different approaches depending on what the objectives are: 

  • In an initial stage in which we need to cover tactical, short-term-focused objectives, where we need to automate repetitive, low-value-added tasks, we would be talking of approaches based on RPA technology.  

  • If we also need to think of complex processes such as 

  • People’s knowledge and performance 

  • Leveraging digital force (robots)  

  • Building integrations with other systems 

We would be in a scenario of intelligent process automation. And if to all this we add artificial intelligence and advanced machine learning algorithms, this whole technological combination, which has the aim of improving business decisions, is hyperautomation. 

But to do this we recommend taking this journey in an orderly fashion

  1. Analysing and optimising operational processes (Business) 

  1. Considering the possibility of automating specific tasks (Business + IT) 

  1. Intelligent process automation (Business + IT) 

  1. Hyperautomation (Business + IT)