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Front / Back developments

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • UI
  • UX

Front solutions 

We provide value in the presentation layer of a web application. From support in the visual and functional definition of the interface to ensure the best use of the web platform, to its development, launch and optimisation

Extensive experience in the development of web interfaces, providing interactivity for the interfaces and specialisation in BackEnd communication systems developments


From the use of HTML, CSS and Vanilla Javascript to the use of frameworks such as Angular, React, Vue.js and Ionic.​ 

Standards-Based Design 

FrontEnd development with notions of UI and UX design based on W3C standards such as ECMAScript and Web Component.​ 


Creation of APIs with RESTful or GraphQL for connection with back-end and dynamically feeding the contents of the front

Code and conventions clean-up 

For automation testing we use ESLint or Prettier to format the code, and we follow the Clean Code and SOLID conventions, using microfront.​ 

Automation tools 

For the code review we use tools such as Jest in unit tests and Cypress in E2E tests. 

Components catalogue 

Use of NPM component repositories for better reuse of shared components and libraries.​ 

Back Solutions 

Design of all logic and solutions to allow all actions requested from a web page to be executed correctly. To this end we develop with different programming languages and frameworks.  

To complement the above, we encompass the development to interact with databases and other systems with the aim of getting data to and from the front-end. 

We are committed to developing serverless services that allow teams to focus on business logic and let the cloud platform handle hosting and scaling of resources.​ 

Classic Architectures vs Microservices 

Creation of classic architectures or with microservices both on premise and in the cloud deployment (in particular a serverless model), mainly using Springboot and .NET Core. 

Web Application Container 

Installation and configuration of modules or servers that allow web applications to run: Tomcat, WebLogic, Jboss, Geronimo, IIS, etc. 

Server configuration 

We also perform optimal configuration of development and operational servers. 

Database management systems 

We work with both relational and non-relational databases for and with ORM systems (EF, Dapper, Spring, etc.) that abstract the development of particularities.