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Migration to the Cloud


Whatever the reason that drives an organization to migrate its systems to the cloud, the goal is a common one: to modernise applications so that they can take full advantage of the benefits of a cloud environment (high availability, flexibility, growth tailored to needs) and the way of working (with constant integration and shorter delivery rates, greater stability and reduced delivery time), making the most of the experience of the source systems (the functionality embedded in their code as well as their data), without risk and ensuring business continuity. 

Migration goes beyond simply moving a system and adapting it to the destination cloud provider. It means preparing it to be flexible in the face of future requirements, delivering an infrastructure that can be managed by the operations team and fully automating IT tasks. 

Each organization must design a system-specific migration plan that meets technical and business requirements and is aligned with its cloud strategy. This plan will emerge by applying the methodology and experience of a team with the right competencies, in line with the following phases:  

  • Lifting of business needs, the technical characteristics of the applications and the quantification of the value for the business of all of them in order to create the prioritisation map. 

  • Designing the destination architecture in accordance with corporate strategy, both in terms of infrastructure and of managed services at the destination cloud the destination architecture must cover the observability, security and flexibility requirements that promote change. 

  • Creating the migration and/or modernisation plan to gradually adapt to the destination system Defining the quality assurance mechanisms and creating risk management plans. 

  • Executing the migration plan, reviewing the plan and adjusting for the subsequent workloads. 

  • Supporting the team involved in the organisation’s development and operations. 

  • Optimisation of the destination system. 


Babel can help you to: 

  • Perform the initial evaluation of the target systems, compile business objectives and create a prioritised portfolio of the systems to be migrated. 

  • Design the cloud migration plan for each application. 

  • Run a migration plan. 

  • Identify opportunities for cost savings. 

  • Automate and perform quality controls.