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DevOps / DevSecOps


Today's competitive situation means that new digital products have to be brought to market at the right time and with unusual speed, but these variables can be the difference between failure and success of the opportunity. Babel uses its services and solutions to adopt the DevOps work philosophy, which enables all participants to be included and aligned in a single objective. One of the models in which Babel has extensive experience in the market is helping and working in a remarkable way towards that purpose. This is DevOps for Babel, which puts all the needs, efforts and technologies related to information systems at the disposal of a common purpose.

The provision of DevSecOps services and solutions is part of the DNA of this practice at Babel, and demanded by the criticality of the security aspects currently required by the digital products we develop for our customers. This variant enables the combination of different security practices within the new workflow, from the conceptualisation of the product and service itself to its release, achieving a more secure product before it is made available to users.

At Babel, we incorporate these working models into our projects or develop them for organisations, improving not only the quality, reliability and security of our digital projects, but also the time to market itself, which is so necessary in today's organisations.

Applied in a wide variety

of technologies and settings

Internal adoption

at all levels

+NN projects

adapted internally

Tools are not everything… but we prefer to use the best.

  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Jenkins
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Docker
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Kubernetes
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Azure
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo AWS
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Google Cloud
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo NaturalONE
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Webmethods
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Git
  • Babel Devops. Logotipo Terraform