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Cloud Architectures

  • MVPS
  • PAAS
  • SAAS

Building with the cloud in mind starts with establishing the business objectives pursued by the project or initiative and contrasting them with the organisation’s cloud strategy in order to design solutions and architectures, combining the wide range of possibilities offered by cloud services.  

Whether it’s simple concept tests, innovation initiatives, MVPs or even migrating a system to the cloud, a process needs to be in place that allows us to execute our product successfully. 

Our value lies in a comprehensive approach devised for the cloud. This ensures a solution that makes the most of the cloud’s advantages, quickly and cost-effectively. 

Integral means that we build systems with quality, operation and safety in mind, that our teams understand the business needs and are able to prioritize by empathising with goals, that we design with an ever-changing environment in mind while providing value for the customer in every activity. Integral means that we not only focus on architecture but also define how we work, automating construction and deployment, and freeing our customers from activities thanks to our managed services.  

Architectures built for cloud environments are right from the outset giving priority to information management (so that it can be reused and exploited) and to security (from code construction to protection in production). 

Babel has experience in leveraging the building blocks that PaaS offer us to deploy solutions over a short period of time, and in developing native cloud solutions designed to be agnostic for the cloud provider while favouring portability based mainly on open-source projects.