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Data & Analytics

We represent business processes in an objective way, using the available data, so our clients increase their knowledge and make better decisions. 


At Data & AI we cover all projects and services where data is the main focus. Our speciality is representing business processes in an objective manner, making use of the available data, thus enabling our customers to increase their knowledge and make better decisions.

Babel is capable of handling projects and services regardless of the maturity of the customers. From consultancy projects, where we develop with a specific case study a concrete solution that allows us to ascertain whether a technology, tool or service really does adapt to our customer’s needs. This includes complete information architecture deployments, whether in on-premise, cloud or hybrid mode, contributing to the availability of data in large corporations.

We arrange the data to be consumed and exploited under various models, from data visualization to the use of complex analytical models, availability through the implementation of MLOPS or even the application of advanced analytical techniques that allow for the development and application of artificial intelligence solutions in various projects in customers as well as in our laboratories. We look for advanced analytics techniques to apply them in solving business problems

In all types of services and projects, Babel is committed to knowing our customers’ business and based on this knowledge, progressing in finding the solution to the different needs around the data. 

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