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At Babel we offer a service designed to monitor and protect the exposure of organisations to the digital world, allowing to anticipate and proactively defend against a cyber-attack.

We continuously monitor critical content and assets of the organization, alert and act early in case of detecting any leakage or malicious use of data.

With this cyberintelligence service, we will collect, analyse and interpret the information collected using rigorous techniques to identify, pre-empt and mitigate potential cyber-attacks. Furthermore, it is not only applicable to large companies; also, small and medium enterprises are exposed to the threats of digital disorder.

  • Deep Web
  • Dark Web
  • fake news
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Cyberintelligence
  • Cybersurveillance
  • identity theft

The tool

to improve your organization's cybersecurity

Multidisciplinary team

24/7 monitoring

Proactive defense

against cyber-attacks
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