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Our values ​​make us great

We believe in teamwork, professional growth, that there is always a better way of doing things, and that we can find it. We believe in people, and their strength when they combine their passion and talent.

14 Reasons to work in BABEL

  1. 01

    Points-based holidays

    We have created a holiday system that you can customise to enjoy more days off.

  2. 02

    Lifelong learning

    BABELUniversity keeps you up to date with all our training initiatives: courses, meetups, afterwork, hackathons, certification… and much more besides.

  3. 03

    Professional prospects

    We are committed to your professional development. We keep a very close watch on your career, guiding you and listening to you. We will evaluate your salary and responsibilities once per year.

  4. 04

    Solidarity bonus

    Solidarity bonus Solidarity is one of our core values. The monthly profits that the company generates, in other words the fruit of everyone's efforts, is distributed equally among employees and owners.

  5. 05

    Communication and transparency

    You will always be kept abreast of the latest company news. And you can also attend the online executive meeting or raise any queries with our CEO.

  1. 06

    Extra bonuses

    TIf you recommend a friend for a job opportunity, if you never miss a day, if you give a seminar or talk… We reward you financially for all this.

  2. 07

    Access to ownership

    BABEL mainly belongs to its professional staff. Stop working for someone else, and come and work at your own company.

  3. 08

    No dress code

    Feel comfortable and come into work however you prefer. There is no dress code, just common sense.

  4. 09

    Social benefits

    Aside from your salary, we handle your medical insurance, including relatives, by subsidising part of the cost having the alternative of choosing between the CIMR or AXA.

  1. 10

    Good working atmosphere

    We are transparent, approachable, honest, fearless in our adventures and in trying out different ways of doing things. All of which facilitates an outstanding working atmosphere.

  2. 11

    Change of project

    If you feel boxed in and a career change would appeal, all you need to do is ask. We will support you through the process.



We are people, diverse, authentic, who seek happiness by doing what we like. We seek the evolution of our talent, betting on shared leadership together with our commitment to the planet.


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